Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Getting ready for a new Adventure. Whats with these ears?

Hey, from Disneyland!

Not so sure about this fella..

Aww he was soft

Kickin back in Minney's house.

Taking a swim break at the hotel....
You jump, I jump.

On the teacups... Yes mom took me on. Got alittle whip lash ;)

That wasn't so bad

Pirates of the Carribean was a different story, the face says it all. AHHH!

On the Haunted Mansion, They decorated it up as the Nightmare before Christmas for the Holidays. I got scared, Screamed alittle (Actually Alot). Not sure if Mom was trying to torture me, She says its showing me how to have "fun". I am only One MOM!
"A" Is for Awesome.

Running after the water

Had a blast, I was just "alittle" happy.

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Unknown said...

Love the pictures. Looks like lots of fun, next time we want to come with you.
Love-Trevor and Jake
P.S. Do mommy and daddy have matching sunglasses?

I am this old....

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