Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Ava's first summer

Summer is here and we are loving it, even if it is still foggy in Pacifica. We have went on many fun little trips. We went to Raging Waters with mommies co-worker and to the San Mateo County fair. Ava had a blast at both. We went down the slides at Raging waters and at the fair we got to play with the pigs and goats. Ava was very scared of the chickens, She thought they were some funny looking doggies.
Ava finally got some chompers, 2 to be exact. We are a late bloomer but better late than never. We will be celebrating our 1st birthday in 2 weeks, we can't wait. We aren't sure if the party is more for Ava or Mom but we will be sure to have lots of fun and walking by then. We are able to take 3 whole steps with no help, watch out now!

Weeeeee, my first rides. I loved them.

Funny looking dogs.

Yes both mom and Ava went down the slide. If you look carefully you can see two little pigtails. Then mom got kicked out for being too big.

The water was cold, Miserable swimmers.

Me and my BFF Joe Joe after sharing some ice cream.

Already not listening to mom.
Check out my 1st tooth and my scary monster face!

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The Petura Family said...

Yea for teeth!! What a great milestone!!

I am this old....

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