Thursday, January 31, 2008

Some pictures from when I was younger.

So we wanted to show everyone some older pictures from when I was even younger. I know 5 months is young but yeah its kinda old already.
My mom and dad on there first date since having me. I think they missed me even though it looks like they are having a good time. I got my stunning looks from them!!

I HATE baths and I rather be dirty!!! I am not a water baby. Mom just started taking me in the shower with her and I love that alot, I hold on for dear life because I am a slippery little sucker.

My BFF Bailey, she is always trying to kiss me; she likes my formula just as much as me. She is WILD but entertaining, I just watch her run around and fly off the furniture all day long.

Bailey likes to mouth off to dad but me on the other hand, I'm a angel.

Okay I am trying to sleep get that out of my face.

Our family Christmas picture, Dad is Scrooge.

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