Monday, March 17, 2008

Its a Birthday Celebration

We had four birthday party's this weekend. I was pooped by Sunday night. We first had my cousin Trevor's Birthday party, He just turned 1. He is getting so big, he is my idiol... I just love him except when he yells at me and jacks me from my walker (pictures to come, lol).
Trevor got so many great presents, I can't wait to go over and play with.

My sister's Cory and Jaden got to come to the party too, we have so much fun hanging out together. Here we all are.

After Trevor's party we had my other cousin, Kirsten's party. She just turned 5, wow shes old! These are my sister's and my cousin's from my dads side.

And after that party we had mom's best friend Jenny's Birthday party. Those are some funny people, they all love to pass me around a coo over me. I hate the cheek pinching thing err, next time I might just spit up on them!

They are pretty cheesy, right?

Did you check out my boyfriend JoJo? He's 6 months older than me, I love the older guys. Too bad I was asleep most of the time he was there. Boooo

Me by the end of the night, I was pretty pist off. It was a LONG day but I had fun. Check out the Mohawk! I know how to party like a true rockstar.

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