Thursday, January 31, 2008

Here we go

Me and Ava decided this would be a much easier way to share how we are growing and new updates. We are alittle slow since Mommy is back to work and we have no computer at home so bare with us. Ava will be turning 5 months on February 8th and she is growing like a flower.
Last checkup she was 13lbs and she is right on target. She takes after daddy and is always happy and talking away, she is much easier to listen to though. On the other hand takes after mom and can't sit still. She can't wait for her legs to get stronger so she can go go go. We are rolling over now and always trying to stand up. We are so blessed to have such a amazing daughter.

Jumping is my favorite, You should really see me when I get going.... Expecially when mommy and daddy are listening to music I really get down.

When me and mommy are together nothing else matters we just enjoy eachothers company and the world seems to stop.

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Caughman said...

Hi Niece Ava. I love the pictures. Keep up the good work and tell mommy that you want to come over and play more often.
Ava + Trevor = Best Cousins
Love, Auntie Renee

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